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When Survivors Give Birth: A Trauma-Informed Training for Nurses

  • Methodist Home for Children
  • 1041 Washington St
  • Raleigh, NC

Did you ever consider that patients who might present as “high needs” or “difficult” may actually be sexual abuse survivors?

Survivors of sexual abuse have a different set of challenges when they become pregnant compared with women and girls who haven’t been sexually abused including: concerns about vaginal birth vs. caesarean section, their ability & desire to breastfeed and a higher propensity toward postpartum depression.

Some of the challenges associated with past trauma can surface for the first time when survivors are seen by healthcare providers whose scope of practice includes services of any kind to childbearing women. Survivors can actually be re-traumatized by professionals who work with a patient without seeing her as a possible survivor of past abuse.

The class should not be altered or changed. It was great! I really appreciate your work and dedication.

— Michele Harshbarger, RN

Learn the facts of abuse, how humans respond to trauma, common triggers for survivors, tools to use and more so you can work more effectively and compassionately with survivors of violence. Join us for this one day workshop. Space is limited.


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