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NCSU Lactation Support Info

NC State University has some wonderful resources for our working moms and students that are breastfeeding.  

Lactation Support

NC State University promotes work/life balance and supports working parents with the transition back to work following the birth of a child. This includes support of nursing mothers who wish to express breast milk periodically during the work day. In accordance with provisions of the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), upon request, suitable space must be provided for employees who require lactation support.

See more https://ts.hr.ncsu.edu/lactation-support/

NC State currently has 20 lactation rooms located around campus. These are available for use by all staff, faculty and students. Each room has a contact person who can help you with accessing the room.  Most of the rooms may be reserved through Google Calendar. Instructions for reserving the rooms are provided below, followed by the locations and contact information for the rooms. After you have reserved a room, please contact the person listed to obtain the key to the room.

Look here for  pictures https://oied.ncsu.edu/faculty/lactation-and-baby-care-rooms/

Breast-fed children less likely to develop type 1 diabetes

Breast-fed children less likely to develop type 1 diabetes

Youths who received any breast-feeding for at least 12 months or full breast-feeding for at least six months had lower odds of developing type 1 diabetes, compared with those who were never breast-fed, Norwegian researchers reported in Diabetes Care. The findings were based on data involving 155,392 children in Denmark and Norway followed from birth until 2014 or 2015.

Healio (free registration)/Endocrine Today (5/11) 

27th Annual Art of Breastfeeding – Save the date!


NCLCA Lactation Science Fair

he May 22, 2017, NC Lactation Consultant Association Breastfeeding Summit is almost here! And look at all the fabulous topics that will be covered in addition to the material listed in the brochure in the Lactation Science Fair. I always knew NC breastfeeding advocates had a lot to offer, but this is more than I expected! The Lactation Science Fair will be similar to a poster session, but with stations and hands-on activities as well as posters.


Lactation Science Fair at NCLCA!

  • Qualitative Sensory Testing (QST) in Lactation
  • Ready, Set, Baby: Free Educational Materials for Immediate Use
  • AAP New Safe Sleep Recommendations
  • Queen City Cocoa B.EA.N.S: A Non-Profit Sponsored Organization in Charlotte, NC
  • Twiddle Me Not: Creating Nursing Necklaces & Conversation to Help the Breastfeeding Dyad
  • Effect of Holder Pasteurization and Retort Processing on Nutritional and Bioactive Components of Human Milk
  • Biological Nurturing – Laid Back Breastfeeding Research
  • The Hormone Web – an Activity for Teaching About Birth and Milk Production
  • Descriptive Study of IBCLC Access at NC WIC Agencies
  • Perspectives on Infant Feeding Beliefs, Attitudes, and Practices of Hispanic Mothers Enrolled in WIC: Implications for Breastfeeding Peer Counseling
  • Breastfeeding Education Activities for K-12
  • Using the Martinelli Screening Tool to Assess Infant Lingual Frenulum
  • Curbside Review of the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Screening (EPDS)
  • Supporting Breastfeeding Families: A Guide for Early Care and Education Providers
  • CGBI Infant Postnatal Unit Side-Car Bassinet and 4th Trimester Project
  • When and How to Use a Creamatocrit Machine
  • Investigation of Bacteria in Expressed Human Milk
  • Babywearing as a tool for facilitating the breastfeeding relationship
  • Storage of Human Milk
  • How can Peer Counselors Promote Breastfeeding?
  • Investigation of Bacteria in Expressed Human Milk
  • Carolina MOMs Medical Students Offering Maternal Support
  • Breastmilk keepsakes and healing grief
  • Feed the Cream: Optimizing weight gain in VLBW Infants using Mothers Own Hindmilk as an Adjunct to Standard Fortification Strategies

There is still time to register

See you at the Beach!


Ellen Chetwynd PhD, MPH, BSN, IBCLC

Post-Doctoral Researcher, North Carolina State University

Lactation Consultant, MILC, Women’s Birth and Wellness Center


Dear Lactation Support Community,

The North Carolina Breastfeeding Coalition is in the process of cataloging as many of the lactation support services as we can across the state of North Carolina.

The resulting resource will be presented at the North Carolina Lactation Consultant Association Breastfeeding Summit on May 21-22, and we will also plan to make it available on our website. 

We hope that this resource will allow us, as providers of lactation support, to collaborate more effectively, as well as target grants and funding streams to places where they are most needed. 

Please take a moment to complete this survey (estimated completion time 2-7 minutes) which will ask you about the lactation resources specific to your area.

The more people we are able to reach with this survey, the more we can inform our community, so please also forward it on to colleagues!

While we have your attention, please also consider adding your information to ZipMilk NC, a resource that lists all breastfeeding resources by zipcode.

Thank you for your participation!

NC Lactation Resources Survey

Kathy Parry, NCBC Chair

Ellen Chetwynd, NCBC Chair Elect

 If you would prefer to respond by email or mail, we have attached a version of the survey to the email with instructions for responding.

If you have any questions or concerns about this survey, please contact Ellen Chetwynd: emchetwy@ncsu.edu

Ellen Chetwynd PhD, MPH, BSN, IBCLC

Post-Doctoral Researcher, North Carolina State University

Lactation Consultant, MILC, Women’s Birth and Wellness Center


2017 Breastfeeding Symposium – Save the Date


2017 Breastfeeding Symposium


The Education Center at Eastern AHEC
2600 W. Arlington Blvd.
Greenville, NC




Registration and full brochure coming soon!

See save-the date

Allied Health, Nursing

NC’s Business Case for Breastfeeding May 11 and May 31

NCBC Community! You won’t want to miss these webinars with the renowned Cathy Carothers. Register now for both events. Thanks to DPH for organizing these.

Breastfeeding in Public in NC-It’s Legal

“This power point was originally created as a staff training tool for Cone Health. It has since been adapted to reach a broader audience and may be used for education, but not sold.”

Thank you,

NIPncbc Powerpoint



ABC Save the Date

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Maternal & Infant Best Practices in 2017 – Northwest AHEC

Wake Forest School of Medicine and Northwest Area Health Education Center
Maternal & Infant Best Practices in 2017 - Registration Open!

Registration is open for Maternal & Infant Best Practices in 2017  – June 8

This one-day statewide video conference will focus on best practices in both maternal and infant health in 2017.

Target Audience: Nurses, social workers, educators, nurse practitioners and others interested in maternal and infant health.


Maternal & Infant Best Practices in 2017 – June 8
View Details and Registration Information

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