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Milky Mamalogues


In the vein of the Vagina Monologues, the Wilmington area lactation group have put together a story-based comedy.  Info below:

Milky Mamalogues.  Tuesday, August 2, 2016 at the Dead Crow Comedy Club, 265 N. Front Street, Wilmington, NC.  Laugh and cry as you hear stories about breasts, breastfeeding and parenthood – because every boob has a story.

For tickets, email miklymamalogues@gmail.com.  Suggested donation is $10/ticket and proceeds will go toward a lactation education fund to be distributed by the Tri-County Breastfeeding Coalition.  Follow the journey: https://www.facebook.com/MilkyMamalogues/


Breast-feeding is issue in lawsuit filed by former Tuscaloosa Police officer

A former Tuscaloosa Police officer who says she was forced to choose between breastfeeding her newborn and her job will be in court Monday.

Stephanie Hicks resigned from the department in 2013 and filed a federal lawsuit against the city later that year. She claims that she was demoted at work, in part because she was breastfeeding, and that a hostile work environment forced her to quit.

Read rest of article- Tulscaloosa News

Come to a Movie!

7:30 PM on Tuesday, October 27th at Brier Creek Stadium 14 for $10.50

Reminder – only 6 of the 80 needed have been reserved so far. This has to happen by 3 PM on October 16th or the screening cannot happen.

Here is your chance to see the documentary that lots of breastfeeding advocates are raving about!
Please could you share with your members that I have arranged for a screening of “Milk-Born into This World” produced by Noemi Weis. Please see the attachment..
Could you also ask them to share this with friends, family and anyone interested in seeing this movie? Thank you!

Shveta Patel, RN, BSN, IBCLC
Public Health Nurse
Care Coordination for Children
Tel: 919-562-6318
Cell 919-280-4838
Fax: 919-562-6315
North Regional Center
350 E. Holding Ave.
Wake Forest, NC 27587


North Carolina Breastfeeding Coalition Event

I would like to invite you to the 10th anniversary celebration of the North Carolina Breastfeeding Coalition on October 13 at 5:30 pm at the Friday Center in Chapel Hill, after the Art of Breastfeeding Conference that day. The event will have music, food, dancing, a silent auction, and a video highlighting NCBC. The purpose is to raise awareness of NCBC and the work we are doing, to raise funds for our work, and to increase participation within NCBC.

Here is the link to the evite: http://www.evite.com/event/01BB7GQNLGBU7EOC2EPFKWJNAB2UJ4?gid=

I would appreciate it if you could please share this with anyone who may be interested in attending. The event is free thanks to our sponsors: UNC, Wake Med, NCSU, and Women’s Birth and Wellness Center, and donations are welcome.

If you know of anyone who could donate a product or service to the silent auction, please let me know!



April Danielle Fogleman, PhD, IBCLC, RD
Assistant Professor of Nutrition
North Carolina State University
Chair, North Carolina Breastfeeding Coalition

Opportunity to See BF Documentary

“MILK-Born into This World” by producer Noemi Weis

? Through an intimate and artistic lens, yet investigative and political, Milk brings a

universal focus on the politics, commercialization and controversies surrounding birth

and infant feeding over the canvas of stunningly beautiful visuals and poignant voices

from around the globe. Entertaining, inspiring, informative, provocative and sensitive,

Milk celebrates a new life with a strong call to action and reflection.


Dear Friends and Breast-feeding Advocates,

I, Shveta am a nurse and lactation consultant and the Movie Captain of the

screening of the movie “MILK-Born Into This World” produced by Noemi Weis,

http://www.milkhood.com will give you more information about the movie.

My screening page for Milk is ready! It’s time to start spreading the word.


The movie will be shown on Tuesday October 27 2015 at 7:30pm at

Brier Creek Stadium 14, Raleigh.

Please follow the link below and purchase your tickets as soon as possible. The

Deadline is October 16th 3pm when the “tipping” ends. (This is the number of

tickets we need to make the screening happen. We need a minimum of 80).


Share this screening with your friends and followers:


Remember: We need your help to make the screening happen. Unless

enough tickets are reserved in advance, the screening will not happen! I thank

you in advance for your support! By sharing this screening by URL via email,

Facebook, Twitter and word of mouth, we can get the show going!

Nursing in the nook at Pinnacle Bank Arena


You might have seen the nursing nook at the Fleetwood Mac concert.

Or at the last Husker hoops game.

Or between dances at the Governor’s Ball.

It’s there on the concourse level of Pinnacle Bank Arena, in the northwest corner, looking like a cross between a ’50s travel trailer and an oversized Coke machine.

It’s the first of its kind at a public arena anywhere in the country, a place for moms to breastfeed or pump in privacy. It’s got seats and electricity and a changing table and a locking door.

Read rest of article-Journal Star

Advocates Push for Medicaid Breastfeeding Support Coverage

NCHealthnews-Logo (1)

The North Carolina Child Fatality Task Force is pushing for an initiative to have Medicaid cover medical lactation support services.

By Jasmin Singh

Nothing seems more natural than for a mother to breastfeed her baby. But Anne-Marie Meyer found it’s not always the case.

“It’s probably one of the hardest things I’ve had to do in my entire life,” said Meyer, who lives in Carrboro.

When both of Meyer’s daughters were born, they each had health problems and had a hard time eating. But Meyer persisted, with the help of her lactation consultant, Ellen Chetwynd.

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Breastmilk the Movie – fundraiser for Birth Center

Fund raiser for the Birth Center, Sunday evening August 3rd from 6:30-8:30 – Breastmilk The Movie at the Varsity Theater in Chapel hill




With unexpected humor, with an unflinching camera, with some guilt and some pain, this film takes the unusual risk of examining what breast milk truly means.

We are often told that breast milk is better. Better for babies, better for mothers, better for nutrition, health, well-being, and society. Many accept this and yet there are still very few women who succeed in breastfeeding exclusively for the recommended six months and beyond. What would it take to change?

Go here for the trailer-Trailer

Lactation support/CFTF in the news:


Nothing seems more natural than for a mother to breastfeed her baby. But Anne-Marie Meyer found it’s not always the case. But Meyer persisted, with the help of her lactation consultant, Ellen Chetwynd. Meyer said that without Chetwynd’s help, “I would have failed.” Now the legislative Child Fatality Task Force would like to see women covered by Medicaid get the same help Meyer got with breastfeeding.

Advocates Push for Medicaid Breastfeeding Support Coverage

The North Carolina Child Fatality Task Force is pushing for an initiative to have Medicaid cover medical lactation support services.

read rest of article: North Carolina Health News


Foremilk, hindmilk and the Internet as breastfeeding consultant

Green poop

 I read about foremilk/hindmilk imbalance on the Internet and I’m worried that I have it. What should I do? 

Read rest of article done by a local doula-Pam Diamond