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California High School Students Get The Right…

This January 1st, some moms in California had something to celebrate:  a new law giving them the right to breastfeed or pump while attending public schools (up to grade 12).

With by far the highest number of births in any state (one in every eight babies born in the United States), and a nearly 94% breastfeeding initiation rate, this new law will provide a welcome new set of rights for many moms!


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Baby Explains- Normal Newborn Behavior

Dear Mommy,

Thank you so much for breastfeeding me!  You probably already know that your milk is designed especially for me, and is better than anything else you could feed me, find out the main differences here.

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TRICARE and Breastpumps: What is Covered and What Isn’t


This website receives numerous emails and messages regarding Tricare coverage of breast pumps on a daily basis.  There is a lot of confusion and many questions surrounding this topic.  Does Tricare cover breast pumps? If so, what kind of breast pump? Does Tricare cover breast pumps for active duty mothers or only for spouses? Does Tricare offer breast pumps under the ACA (Affordable Care Act)? And the list goes on.  Hopefully this post will clarify these questions and provide you with the information needed to secure a breast pump so you can continue to provide breastmilk to your little one.


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Top 15 Prenatal Booby Traps®

booby trap

Expecting mothers face many barriers to breastfeeding long before they give birth and even try to nurse!  A pregnant woman:

1)  May have never seen breastfeeding in person so it is completely foreign. Breastfeeding is like riding a bike, it is hard to imagine doing it unless one has seen someone overcoming the learning curve and enjoying the ride.

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Breast-Feeding Is Still Difficult For Many Moms


When Elizabeth O’Connell was expecting her first child, she knew she wanted to breast-feed. And, she says, she sort of expected it to just happen, naturally.

That’s not quite how it panned out. “I was experiencing very tremendous pain,” she says.

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Tummy Trouble in Babies: Causes & Remedies



Every mom knows there are a bevy of reasons her little one might be crying — from hunger to teething or tiredness. But just like grown-ups, babies may get fussy thanks to an annoying, uncomfortable ailment: the all-too-prevalent stomachache

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See the latest LLL magazine for moms



Check out the latest LaLeche League magazine for moms.  Go here to read.

6 Common Breastfeeding Ailments & How to Treat Them


Try as many moms might tobreastfeed, there are varioushealth concerns or challenges stemming from nursing that many women face. As International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) Freda Rosenfeld notes, many of these issues are related. In other words, if you experience something like crackedsorenipples, treating it at its onset is even more important, as it could preempt further problems down the road.

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Should the AAP Sleep Alone?


Some public health messages everyone can agree with: Never drink and drive. Always put your infant in a car seat. Other public health messages seem to ask us to do the impossible: Teenagers must never have sex. Mothers must never share a bed with their infants.

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