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Robert Lane, Cathy Carothers, June Maker

ILCA is excited to announce a new free webinar. Sign up now to reserve your spot. We look forward to seeing you online!

Monday, November 14, 2011 at 3:00 – 4:00pm Eastern Time

Sneak Preview of ILCA’s Interactive Presentation Training Sessions by Robert Lane, Cathy Carothers and June Maker

Registerfor the free webinar by November 10, 2011 to reserve your seat.

ILCA has teamed up with Aspire Communications to bring you a presentation skills training series that offers a revolutionary perspective on public speaking and transforms your existing presentation materials into a flexible, media-rich portfolio. This special way of using PowerPoint, called relational presentation, gives presenters complete freedom to randomly select slides while speaking, as though moving around within a website. Perhaps you’ve already seen some of our members using these techniques during conferences and have wondered how to get that same professional edge for yourself. Here’s a great opportunity to do so, at specially negotiated rates of 20% to 45% below regular attendance.

This free sneak preview showcases the skills to be taught and helps you decide which tracks are right for your needs. Robert Lane will host the webinar. He will be joined by ILCA’s president, Cathy Carothers, and Dr. June Maker, a professor at the University of Arizona, who will talk about how they use these presentation techniques in consultancy, governmental training and education. Everyone who attends will receive a special promotional code during the webinar that reduces your registration fees for the training series. The code also makes you eligible for other valuable perks such as a free, full-color relational presentation textbook (while they last). Attendance is limited to 500 people on a first come basis. So reserve a spot today before all seats disappear.

No CERPs or contact hours in nursing are available for this program.

Presentation Skills Training Series

Watch for more information on how to register for sessions in the comprehensive course, which will begin in January, 2012. You can attend as many or as few sessions as you like, depending on your learning goals. Whether just getting started with public speaking, or already a seasoned professional, you’ll find sessions that take speaking skills to a new level. Each session contains hands-on exercises and post-session assignments that help you quickly expand your growing, personalized presentation portfolio. The further you go with sessions, the richer and more diverse your portfolio becomes until you have a powerful tool that supports full visual interactions with viewers.

Some of the topics to be covered include:

  • Planning effective talks
  • Everything to know about building PowerPoint presentations
  • Presentation design and delivery advice from the experts
  • The many GOOD things you can do with text
  • Working with tables, graphs and Smart Art
  • Creating visual content without needing a degree in graphic arts
  • Working with pictures and shapes
  • Understanding the legal rules and regulations for using pictures and media in your presentations
  • Teaching, sales and persuasion techniques
  • Working with media such as video and PDF files in presentations
  • Creating meaningful animations that are both “cool” and helpful
  • Building practical navigation styles that let you display content on demand
  • Strategies for linking all your slide shows together to create a comprehensive presentation portfolio

More information is available on the Aspire website at www.aspirecommunications.com.

Have Questions? Check out the Webinar FAQ page for answers to your questions. If you have any other questions about the webinar, please email webinars@ilca.org or call the ILCA office at 919-861-5577 or toll free at 1-888-452-2478.

Looking for additional opportunities to earn CERPs/contact hours? Please visit our Continuing Education page for more information.

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