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Lactation Education Scholarship Application

Advancing the Art and Science of Breastfeeding Through Professional Education

 Triangle Breastfeeding Alliance, Inc.

Lactation Education Scholarship Application

Please submit this application to the Triangle Breastfeeding Alliance, Inc. (TBA) Scholarship Committee by January 30th or June 30th each year. The amount of assistance granted is determined by available resources.

Please attach a copy of your lactation education activity registration form and a brochure (if one exists) for a conference, a course or the IBCLC credentialing examination. Send your documents to Triangle Breastfeeding Alliance, Inc. Scholarship Committee, 11608 Rutledge Bay, Raleigh, NC 27614. If you have questions, contact Mary Overfield by phone at 919.847.4903 or email mary_overfield@yahoo.com

Printable versions

Application_and_Evaluation_Forms (Word document)

Application_and_Evaluation_Forms (PDF article)