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Radio Show Host, Says Go To Car Or Bathroom….

Listen to this pod cast.  This is G105 morning radio show done on Friday Morning in response to Time magazine’s new cover and the host’s negative take on breastfeeding. 


This was just one of his many opinions that will fire up any advocate for breastfeeding.  There was a lactation consultant that called in to try to dispute him and to help change his opinion.

Here is the link for G105 Contact page for you to voice your opinion towards this nonsense.


Also this is the link for the Time magazine cover and article
Here is the link to email the editor of Time concerning article


Some great articles that advocate breastfeeding that either discuss the article or extended breastfeeding

Six misconceptions about “extended” breastfeeding
Time cover sells out moms to sell magazines
Celebrities Who Breastfed Toddlers (but not on the cover of TIME)

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