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Dear Lactation Support Community,

The North Carolina Breastfeeding Coalition is in the process of cataloging as many of the lactation support services as we can across the state of North Carolina.

The resulting resource will be presented at the North Carolina Lactation Consultant Association Breastfeeding Summit on May 21-22, and we will also plan to make it available on our website. 

We hope that this resource will allow us, as providers of lactation support, to collaborate more effectively, as well as target grants and funding streams to places where they are most needed. 

Please take a moment to complete this survey (estimated completion time 2-7 minutes) which will ask you about the lactation resources specific to your area.

The more people we are able to reach with this survey, the more we can inform our community, so please also forward it on to colleagues!

While we have your attention, please also consider adding your information to ZipMilk NC, a resource that lists all breastfeeding resources by zipcode.

Thank you for your participation!

NC Lactation Resources Survey

Kathy Parry, NCBC Chair

Ellen Chetwynd, NCBC Chair Elect

 If you would prefer to respond by email or mail, we have attached a version of the survey to the email with instructions for responding.

If you have any questions or concerns about this survey, please contact Ellen Chetwynd: emchetwy@ncsu.edu

Ellen Chetwynd PhD, MPH, BSN, IBCLC

Post-Doctoral Researcher, North Carolina State University

Lactation Consultant, MILC, Women’s Birth and Wellness Center


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